The White Cross

I experienced an event that confirmed Spirit can be with us even under very grim circumstances. Many years ago there was a 5 year old girl who was given a beautiful white cross by her beloved grandmother.  The little girl was so taken with the beauty of the cross she carried it with her wherever she went.  One tragic day, shortly after receiving the cross, the little girl died.  The family, being distraught, made the little girl’s bedroom a sanctuary and placed their daughter’s treasured white cross on a nail over her bed.  Several years later, the little girl’s father and I stood on his lawn as he described the terrible fire that had gutted his home.  As we stood looking at the blackened remains of the house, we could see straight through the rooms as only the 2x4s that had once held up the paneled walls were left standing.  As I stood there looking on the home an indescribable feeling came over me.  It was then I noticed through the shadows a whiteness gleaming along the back wall.  Carefully we both picked our way through the rubble and there in front of us, still on the same nail where it had been hung, was the white cross shining as though lit from within.  We both stood speechless as the wall behind the cross was gone and the stud in which the nail had been driven was blackened by smoke and flames. I knew though God had taken the little girl to him early in life, her spirit still looked over her cherished cross.

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