A Spiritual Meeting

I had the privilege and honor of meeting Jagad Guru (Guruji) from India in New Jersey through mutual Hindi friends of mine when he was visiting them. I spent a lot of time with Guruji, as Guruji was teaching me to meditate and about spirituality. I spent many, many days with him when he was staying at an ashram in southern NY State. I asked Guruji if he would like to spend some time at my home. He said yes and Guruji spent four days at my house. My Mom and Dad loved Gurugi very much and many, many beautiful moments were shared with my parents with Gurugi when he stayed at my house. The priest and many other Hindis that belonged to the Hindi temple on Albany Shaker Road in Albany, NY visited Guruji every day when he stayed at my house and Guruji also visited the Hindi temple on Albany Shaker Road when he stayed with me.

Around this same time I had a vision of an older gentleman wearing a red robe and with a beard, a very old looking man looking at me from above, from my left and my right and from all angles he was looking at me. I didn’t understand what this vision was about. He was just looking at me. Just staring at me like he was checking me out, looking at me from all different angles. I didn’t mention it to anyone and didn’t even mention it to Guruji. Guruji said to me shortly after, “I come to your house, now you come to my house.” So I started getting my passport ready and the next thing I knew I was heading to India for three long weeks, March 25, 1999 to April 14, 1999, flying with Guruji on the same plane.

Once we were in India Guruji said, “The next morning you will be escorted to the ashram where I am staying. This is where I live.” That next morning, the phone rang in my hotel room. I was told there were people in the lobby for me. I went down and Guruji had sent his disciples to the hotel I was staying at to escort me to his ashram. His disciples took me in an auto rickshaw from the hotel to the ashram in Indore, India. Guruji met me at the ashram along with his saints and seers and Saint Shri 1011 Yogadhiraj Brahmarishi Barfani Dadaji (Dadaji).

When I showed up in the ashram Guriji was there and Dadaje was sitting down in the chair. When he saw me he got up. He was wearing a red robe and I said to Guruji, “Guruji, that is the man that came to me in my dream.” Guruji said to me, “That is Dadadji. That is my Guru.” Gurugi said to bow; bow down to Dadaji, and I did. Dadaji bowed to me also. I said, “that is the man that came to me in my dream. Oh my god!” Dadaji bowed to me of course and he took off the beautiful red gown that he was wearing, even in my dream he was wearing that red gown. Dadaji took it off and handed it to me, and Guruji said, “Put your arms out.” So I put out my arms and Gurui said to me, “This is the highest, honorary blessing one could ever receive from his holiness. They named me Saint Steven, “that’s who you are, you are a saint.” You are to wear this robe with the blessings of Dadaji. You are to wear it during your mediation and your prayers. “You are very blessed; you are a very blessed person and man. You are very special. Dadaji and I both want you to know that. You are a very blessed, a very blessed soul and a very beautiful soul. You have much work to do on this earth and many, many blessings to do for mankind.” Guruji initiated me as Saint Steven and that I was a true saint.

During my stay in India the people made me feel so loved and they were so, so kind to me. All the saints and seers that were there took me in like I was family. They could not do enough for me. It was just so beautiful; I was overwhelmed with the love. They all cared about my welfare and were very protective of me.

I visited many, many ashrams throughout India, all of which I forget unfortunately the names of the places I went to. It was just wonderful. It was very hard getting used to the culture; it was a culture shock for me. It really was. But everywhere I went there was an entourage around me. It was an experience I would never forget for the rest of my life. There are many things I really cannot say that things I saw and so forth. All I can tell you, it was magnificent.

It was a shame this man died at a very young age, like I had a feeling he was going to. He passed away in the Himalayas at a very high altitude with very thin air. I miss him very much as many people do. I have not been in contact with Dadaji over the years as he is a very, very hard person to reach as he has many ashrams. Someday I hope to be in contact with him again. Guruji continues to visit me during my meditation.