Out of Body Experience

In January of 1989, I experienced the most incredible “Out Of Body” experience. I was in reasonably good health and my business was thriving. Although I felt otherwise healthy, I was under some stress and started experiencing Transient Ischemic Attacks, also known as TIA’s or mini-strokes. In case you’re not familiar with TIA’s they can be terrifying! A very unsettling experience to say the least. One never knows when these episodes can strike, how long they might last or when they might return.

One such incident led to one of the most incredible experiences of my life. One minute I was walking around my home and everything was fine. Then suddenly, without warning, I found myself unable to turn a doorknob and open a door I was attempting to open.

I got that eerie feeling and sensed a TIA coming on, so I turned around and started making my way to the bedroom, where I felt I’d be safe. Although the bedroom was close by, it was almost impossible to get there, as my body was locking up, more and more. When I finally felt close enough to the bed, I just fell backwards into safety and waited for things to pass. I glanced at the clock and noted that it was exactly 6:45pm.

The Tunnel

Suddenly the scenery changed and I found myself floating through this beautiful rocky tunnel which ascended from my bed, up beyond the ceiling and opened up into an incredibly bright white light. The tunnel was reflecting the light off of all these surreal shiny glimmering rocks and stones that seemed to emit a fog like glow around them.

I sensed myself hovering about five to eight feet above my body and when I looked down, I could see my body laying lifeless on the bed. As I floated up this magnificent tunnel, I was suddenly overcome and overwhelmed with the most profound embodiment of peace and all consuming love, such as I have never felt in my entire life. It totally enveloped and astounded me in its warm embrace. It was more wonderful than I can find words to describe.

As I ascended further and further from my body, the most extraordinary presence of my spirit began to emerge from within my very essence. It was so absolutely profound that words can not do it justice.

The Hand of God

I went up and up and up thru the tunnel, as my body laid there on the bed without me, until I was completely consumed by the light.

All of a sudden I found myself face to face with this most incredible angelic being. He reached down to me, with what I can only describe as a fluorescent outstretched hand that just got bigger and bigger, as it approached me and I could barely see between his fingers, as he picked me up. As he held me, tenderly, he gently repeated the words, “You are good my son, everything will be alright. You are good my son, everything will be OK, everything will be alright(assuring me in the softest, uplifting and most loving voice, just like my mother used to do).

And then he said the strangest thing. “You are going to give me another child.” This brilliant exalted magnificent angelic being warmly repeating these phrases over and over. His words washed over me, like living water, six times in all. I felt like I was melting in a sea of Love. He then had a brief conversation with me, that I am not at liberty to repeat but one one that I will never forget.

Then as abruptly as the whole scene had begun, I was instantly flung back into my body and catapulted upright in my bed. Again I glanced at the clock, and saw that it 9:45 pm. Three hours had passed by in what seemed like both an eternity, that I never wanted to end, and a fleeting moment that flashed before my eyes.

I was aghast at what I had just witnessed. As I sat on the edge of my bed, I was stunned and amazed at the overwhelming warmth that flooded my body, “My God, what a beautiful transcendent experience!” It was beyond words, indescribably sublime. As I held my head in my hands, I just repeated over and over to myself, “My God, what was that? It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. My God. Beautiful. Thank you!”

Although my heart was flooded with warmth, my hands, my arms, and my face were cold and clammy. My body was working perfectly again and I was able to wash up and go outside for a walk, to digest it all. It was 10pm and I just walked up and down the city streets in utter amazement at it all. I walked until the sun rose the next day and although it was incredibly cold outside, all I remember sensing physically was an incredible inner glow and an eternal peace that passeth all understanding.

My life has never been the same! I am now flooded with visions and premonitions of things to come. Intuitive nudges now push me in directions and situations that I know could only have come about as a result of Divine guidance. I’ve been led to places where my presence was very desperately needed in the moments that I was there, yet no one could have known or told me, beforehand.

I am so grateful for this precious gift and being able to help so many people. I am overwhelmed with joy to be such an integral helping hand in the body of humanity and being called to this mission. I feel there is much yet to be birthed in the coming years and I look forward to sharing it with you, as our incredible journey unfolds together!