Flowers from Beyond the Grave

Three years ago, I was working with a local NY police department. The police officer that I was currently assigned to had just retired and I was introduced to the new officer I would be working with. As he leafed through my file, he looked up and asked, “How do you find these people? How are you able to do this?” He seemed very interested in my background and then asked me if I would be able to help him personally. He told me a story about a gruesome murder scene that involved a little girl over 20 years ago. Since then he has had nothing but nightmares, terrible, horrible, nightmares reliving the little girl’s murder scene over the past 20 years. Even though he had consulted with many people and had tried everything to alleviate these nightmares, nothing had been successful.

I wanted to help the officer so I made arrangements for him to meet me at my home. Prior to his appointment with me, I decided to conduct a remote viewing session to see where the little girl he described was murdered. During the remote viewing session, I clearly saw a vision of the little girl in my mind’s eye. What I found during the remote viewing was the little girl still playing where she had been murdered. I asked the little girl who had taken her life. She told me she had not seen his face but she was able to describe to me other aspects of his body that I would not forget and would be able to recognize if I was ever to see it. She then went on to tell me that she would like for me to relay a message to the police officer at her murder scene. She wanted me to tell him how very sorry she was for him having approximately 20 years of nightmares of her death. She said, “Please tell him I am very, very sorry for the nightmares he has had and feel very, very bad.” Then she held up her hand and showed me a bouquet of flowers. I looked at them and memorized what they looked like as she said, “Please give the police officer these flowers. It is very important you give him these flowers.” Then I took the little girl to the light, away from where she was murdered.

The morning of my appointment with the police officer, I had the flowers the little girl had showed me made up and placed in the room where I had planned on conducting the spiritual healing of the police officer. Once the police officer arrived and was seated, I handed him the bouquet of the same exact flowers I had rested on the altar. I said, “The young lady wants you to have these flowers.” The police officer’s eyes opened wide and he became very emotional. “Oh my God.” he says, “I can’t believe you are doing this! I can’t believe what you are telling me! Those are the same flowers I have been bringing to the little girl’s grave for approximately 20 years. My wife doesn’t even know that I have been bringing flowers over to her grave for approximately 20 years and here you tell me the little girl is giving me the same flowers, exactly the same flowers I have been bringing to her grave!” With tears streaming down his face, he shouted, “I am a believer, Oh my God, I am a believer.” His emotional response to what I was telling him was incredible and affected me very deeply.

Over the past three years, this police officer and I have been in contact and I have asked him about the nightmares he used to have. He has told me since the spiritual healing he has not had any problems with nightmares or dreams about that terrible murder. He says he has been able to sleep like a baby and thanked me profusely for helping him and giving him peace. In hearing his words, I am so grateful that God had bestowed upon me miraculous energy which allows me to help and heal others.