Visits From My Mother

Steven and his Mother

My beloved mom passed away in 2002. 5 years later, one blustery winter evening, slightly before Christmas, in December of 2007. I was feeling the usual holiday sadness, as once again I found myself missing my mom’s presence.

I was all alone at the sink doing dishes but yet I felt the eerie sense of a presence around me. As I shut the water off, I looked to my left and standing there was my mother. I was stunned, as I turned toward my mother. She then walked over to me, as I addressed her, “Mom.”?

She was absolutely radiant, beautiful and emitted a glow that I hadn’t seen since before she was sick. With her left hand, she patted me, with her familiar firm but gentle pat, on my left breast, where she always lovingly affirmed me and she once again assuringly said to me, “It’s ok son, everything’s going to be OK.” “It’s OK son, everything will be OK.” “It’s OK son.” I had all I could do to not break down and I saidto her, “Mom, I miss you Mom.”

“It’s OK son.” With that she left. Mom just disappeared right into thin air. She hada smile on her face like that of an angel. It was that of sheer bliss and incredible to behold. I was so grateful, as I reflected, “My mom came to visit me and it was beautiful”. I felt a sensational peace come over me that I hadn’t felt in 5 years.

There have been many other times, when I saw the silhouette of my mom’s face, outside and upstairs in my home. So I knew her loving spirit is with me, always.

It has been an incredible experience in my life to feel and to communicate with spirits around me. They make their presence known quite quickly to me regardless of the setting. I have often gone to cemeteries, with friends and loved ones, to help them communicate with those who have passed on. I do this for them mainly, because I knowthat I don’t have to go to a cemetery or a particular place to communicate with the other side.

They communicate with me where ever I am and I am blessed to have been gifted with the awareness of knowing when they are near.