Thank you Steven!! Three years ago my daughter-in-law decided to leave my son and take my granddaughter that I had 90% of the time. The court system let us down. My life revolved around my granddaughter. I wanted to die. My life was drizzling away. Then I found someone to talk to. Steven listened to me and talked to me several times. He even called me because he felt something was wrong and he was right! I was at my end. Steven made me a very strong person and renewed my faith to never to give up. He taught me how to meditate. Three years ago, this month, I was thinking how I made it this far and it’s because Steven was there and changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Believe me, he can help you. God Bless You Steven B. Cindy M.

I have been a professional international psychic medium for 51 years. In my years of experience, I have made and become associated with thousands of people, some of them being healing psychics.

It is an honor to say that for the first time in my entire career I had to be helped by another, and that person is you Mr. B. – I have seen your work and have witnessed it myself and it is well above par.

I am an author so I need my hands for my work. I’ve had arthritis for many years and it makes it very difficult to write. Your remote healing has brought life back to my hands. I feel the warmth of your comforting hands surrounding them. My hands feel better now that I’ve met someone who is genuine and really cares for people.

As a psychic myself, I believe very strongly in good morals and helping people as you do. You help many people with the problems they have in today’s world. You’re very intuitive and kind, your psychic energy is highly charged, and I’m sure that you will take advantage of your wonderful gift.

Thank you for helping me with everything and everything you have done for me, thank you.= Bernice Golden

I was experiencing hurt and confusion with a relationship that I had valued and treasured for many years. At the same time, I was emotionally taxed from my career, and my personal life was consumed with taking care of an elderly parent. It was then that I decided to do research for an entity that could see farther than a text book analysis of my emotional pain. That research led me to Steven B’s website. Upon reading about Steven’s personal journey as an intuitive and other clients’ testimonies, I knew that this was the right direction for me to follow. After my first phone conversation with Steven, I was amazed of the clarity I began to feel. Equally impressive, I noticed for the first time, in many years, my heart felt lighter along with a strong sense of congruity that had been long overdue for my well-being. Steven’s accuracy, depth and detail regarding my life was inspirational. His words and insight provided much needed renewal and empowerment. Most importantly, Steven’s abilities to help people on this level is truly a divine gift. While the two words “Thank you” seem limited for what he has provided, they exemplify my truest sincerity. Much Gratitude, SR, Ohio

Traditionally it has been called supernatural. I call it super-intuition. Whatever it is, the Reverend Steven B has it. Regardless, he remains unassuming. He claims he just happened to tap into something all humans possess. His mission is to assist others to tap into this unused power that lies within them. Initially when I first met him, I hadn’t talked to him for more than two minutes before he started to tell me about my situation, without any clue from me – a bad situation in which a business partner will most likely head to jail for. Reverend Steven B held up his hands, wrists together, and said he saw someone in handcuffs. Reverend Steven works with law enforcement using the same ability of super-intuition to solve crimes and prevent innocent people from getting hurt. In a world filled with narcissism and psychopathy, the unknowing victims need warning and eventually need repair of the neurosis that results. Reverend Steven B provides help with both and he does it with genuine caring and love. Having interacted with some of the world’s spiritual leaders, you may want to look at Steven B as a modern day Shaman. His methods may seem informal, unconventional and primitive such as the use of crystals, chakras and imagery, but his insights, advice and results are genuine. Well worth it to put Reverend Steven B in your repertoire of spiritual advisers for the improvement of yourself and your life. Tom F. Saratoga Springs, NY

I called Steve on a day I was at the end of my rope. I was feeling so depressed and hopeless. My reading with Steve was so accurate it shocked me. That very day I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me. The healing Steve gave me was incredible. I felt better right away. He had answers to so many questions I had. His compassion is amazing! Now my healing has begun and in a short time I am finally on the road to recovery. I talked to Steve again recently because I had an accident and the hospital said my foot was broken. Steve told me my foot wasn’t broken but it was the ligaments that were damaged. He went on to tell me exactly what was wrong with my foot. The next day I saw a specialist and Steve was exactly to the tea right! I was blown away. His healing has changed my life. He told me the truth with grace and humor. He is the real deal and making that first step to call was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Thank you Steve. Amy R.

This testimonial is to undeniably testify to Steve’s accuracy! To tell everyone the truth, I could not bring myself to accept what I heard from Steve about a person in my life about a year ago. I must say I am very sorry, I did not heed his warnings and listen to his advice as much as I should have. If I did I would not be in a very dire situation as I am now! Steve’s accuracy was very accurate indeed about this person, and it really is incredible!! Thank You, LB. San Antonio TX

In a recent Lightworker Support Group Facebook post, Barbara Hanson wanted to share comparisons between the beliefs within the Christian community and psychic abilities that she had read in Echo Bodine’s book “The Gift.” Though often the Christian Community has seen psychic abilities as evil, the Bible states Jesus knew what others were thinking (clairvoyance), he knew how people felt (clairsentience), and he taught his disciples to prophesy and to heal. As an example, Paul in the Corinthians speaks about the “Gifts of the Spirit.” In his letter to the Corinthians he writes, “I will write about the special abilities the Holy Spirit gives to each of us. . .” “To the one person . . . the ability to give wise advice, to another he gives the gift of special knowledge, he gives special faith to another and to someone else the power to heal the sick. He gives one person the power to perform miracles and to another the gift of prophecy. He gives another discernment (the ability to know whether it is really the Spirit of God or another spirit that is speaking).” He says: Let love be your highest goal, but also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives, especially the gift of prophecy. “One who prophecies is helping others grow in the Lord, encouraging and comforting them.” “Prophecy is a greater and more useful gift than speaking in tongues.” Now all of you are together in Christ’s body and each of you is a separate and necessary part of it. Here is a list of some of the members that God has placed in the body of Christ, first are apostles, second are prophets, third are teachers, then those who do miracles, those who have the gift of healing, those who can help others, and those who speak in unknown languages. The Bible teaches that prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit and it can be received by whomever the Holy Spirit bestows the gift on. We ALL have psychic gifts, and we should not be afraid to learn what they are and to develop them. These gifts are holy and are given to us by the Holy Spirit to lift ourselves and others up. Barbara and I are thankful for our spiritual gifts and develop them to help others who come to us. Thank you Barbara for your great post and the awareness you gave us all. See Barbara’s original post at https://www.facebook.com/groups/114885972037653/?fref=ts referencing “The Gift: Understand and Develop your Psychic Abilities”

 To my good friend, Steven B. I would like to first thank Steven for his time spent with me over the past few months. He has been an awesome friend and spiritual leader. He was always there to talk to and his honesty with me can’t be more cherished! Shortly after I spoke with Steven the first time, I felt a huge healing calmness. Steven picked up on my life’s problems with his abilities that no one else was able to do. Steven B is more than a psychic medium to me. He is a healer. He gives off a great deal of energy and the presence of love, peace and tranquility I felt for days after I saw him is not what I expected. He made me understand how things worked in my life and what had made me who I am today. Even professionals I had seen could not make me understand but he helped me understand the hardships that I had gone through. He helped me understand how and why these things had happened to me and explained how and why people had caused me harm and how I had caused harm to myself. He put my life in perspective. Thank you Steven as the road is now open in front of me. I feel truly blessed in your presence and I will always hold dear gratitude for you as you have helped save my life. I didn’t know any other way I could put this into words to describe my experience with Steven B other than he was the savior of my life and literally more than I could have prayed for to deliver me from the ruin that was my life. Over the years I have been praying to meet someone who could totally understand me. I had been so lost until I had met him. I am finally free. Thank you Steven for your guidance and prayers, he have been my salvation. I’m so glad to have met him! Sincerely, Maria

 Dear Steve, I am writing you to thank you for the assistance you gave me after I lost the love of my life. Last August I lost my husband to a senseless traffic accident. We were just beginning the “us” part of our lives. The children were now all adults out on their own, leaving us the best time of our lives; the “US” time. Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. His breath no longer taken and his heart no longer beating. No more hugs, kisses or encouragement to be received from him. I cannot express in words what that did to my heart and mind as a human. To have the most important part of your life removed so quickly, so abruptly and so senselessly it is still beyond my comprehension. I was in such sadness and despair. I needed answers and something to help me understand what I was to do next. Where am I to go? How am I to live on? I called you and scheduled a time to talk with you to hopefully make a connection. What you did for me was beyond my expectations. Your ability to connect to those who have passed assisted me in becoming who I am today. You saved me from the dark and cold empty hole of despair and sadness. I thank you for the help you gave me and giving me the strength to become who I am today. I believe without your assistance I would be so depressed and withdrawn ….. who knows where I would be, if at all. Thank you Steve for your help in giving me my life and my energy. Gratefully, Ann Elizabeth

 My husband and soul mate passed away in January of this year and my heart ached so much that I felt only a medium could help me through this time. I felt like my heart, my spirit and my soul was crying out for help and I had no answers. So I contacted Steven B and told him what had happened. I feel very blessed that we connected. He was very sensitive, compassionate and caring and helped ease my suffering. He has a beautiful gift and treats you like you are his best friend and has known you for years on end. Even though he told how much pain my husband was in for the last three years it made me sad because my husband did it for me. (Steven) is a very giving person and his spirit is divine and loving. I know if I need him again to guide me he will without a second thought. I can honestly say I have a little more peace in my life now thanks to Steven. He was heavenly sent to me and I can’t thank him enough….. Thank you Steven. God Bless you always. Susan in Virginia

Again, Steven has pulled me back from total despair. I made the sad mistake of contacting other mediums. Instead of getting answers and helping me, they only gave me more pain and more unanswered questions, putting my late husband in a terrible light, making me question my whole 43 years with him. Steven, in his wonderful style of helping you, makes you see the REAL truth. Also, he told me how some mediums just tell you things so you keep coming back for more and more answers, not realizing how they are destroying your life and your memories. How true…I feel so blessed to have found Steven and I consider him a gift from God. He truly has the gift. Never doubt what he says. His answers are from the heavens. L.M. Ridgewood, N.J.

Steve was so helpful in answering my questions about spiritual matters, it was very clear that he knew exactly how to handle my situation. Now I have the knowledge that I desperately needed thanks to his years and years of experience. Mandy B.

I received a call that my son committed suicide. Every fiber in my body told me this wasn’t true from the beginning. I headed to the scene where I was able to see my son. Nothing felt right. Sometimes no matter how hard you try and you know you have the gut feeling but you just can’t prove anything. . . When I Talked to Steven I didn’t tell him that I had a dream the night before where my son came to me and basically told me what had happened. As Steven was talking he described my son’s room to a tee and the events of what had happened to him just the way my son had described them to me, which validated everything he had told me in my dream. Steven validated a lot of things that had happened in my past that I have never shared with anyone ever. This has brought me a peace that I wouldn’t have found on my own and I am really thankful for his assistance. May God continue blessing him with the gift. Robin H. Modesto, CA.

I can read others but I can’t read for myself. Luckily, I found Steven! On October 13th, I suffered a terrible fall, he told me then that I had sustained a fractured rib. I had x-rays and this was confirmed! Thanks to Steven my doc is treating me appropriately for it and I am getting better. I am confident in the information I was given by Steven! Out of the blue he says, your house is going to sell in six weeks! Just like that! He had no clue that a week before I called him, that my husband and I put our home on the market! He blew me away! Steven, I am grateful for your gift! I am honored to have met you! Thank you so much! You truly do have a special gift! Love and Light …LD

My husband passed away earlier this year and I was left with so many unanswered questions.It was killing me. I was so wounded, lost and my heart,soul and spirit was broken. I needed to “talk” to someone and try to obtain answers. That’s when I found Steven B. I feel so blessed when we connected.Even before our session started Steve said “what a nice, kind man your husband is.” This is so true. Steve makes you feel special and nothing matters more to him than helping you and to ease your pain. Which, by the way,he experiences himself. Steve is honest, compassionate, sensitive and very caring. He gives freely of his gift from God and does not treat this a business. He will never abandon you. Even though it hurt me deeply to hear how much torment my husband has suffered through his life, I now know why these questions were left unanswered to me. Nothing will bring my loving husband back, in human form,but at least I know I can call my friend Steve and he will be there to guide me and make contact once again…Thank you Steve and may God bless you ALWAYS…..Linda M. Ridgewood, NJ.

I called Steve with a puzzle. My husband died suddenly and tragically and I needed some peace – he went to work and got sick with his diabetes. He tried to get home and became disoriented and never made it home. I was frantic. For the last 2-1/2 years I have been filled with sorrow and suffering. I called Steve and he took such time and patience with me. He does not use scare tactics that you find with some people. He tells it like it is and in a soothing manner; all good – you know it’s a reading from Spirit as Spirit does not bring fear. Steve gives a calm assurance that all will be well. After speaking to this man, I hung up knowing I made a friend. He truly cares about his clients – his gift is a gift for everyone – he does not keep it for himself or use it as just a business. It is far more than that – it’s doing the work of God. There are some people on this planet who have been given a blessing to help others – to minister for God to hurting people – and I believe that Steve is one of those people. He gives all credit and glory to God – taking none for himself. And that is key. He struck me as a fine man of God who is doing God’s work and helping people – soothing their hearts and souls. God bless him. When you call him, you will be calling a gifted man. When you hang up, you will have made a gifted friend.
Sincerely,Pepper in MA

Steven did a great reading for me last night. I found him to be informative with wit . He hit on a lot of things that meant a lot to me! He is a compassionate caring man who was easy to talk to.– S. Smith-Allen, New York

I found Steve to be a very honest and caring person. It is very hard today to find a person who will tell you truth in what you need to hear, and at the same time help you through what it is that may need a change. He understands what you are going through, or need help in and will do his very best to help you to heal and move on so you may enjoy the rest of your life with passion, and most of all love for yourself!– Laurie Wilkinson

If there were a billion stars I would rate him with those. I was struggling with drug addiction and my life was over. In one last ditch effort I called Steven. He was compassionate and direct at the same time. “You are going to stop drugs and change your life!” He saw my Grandma facing the other direction and angry. By the way she died in January at the age of 102.  Steven spent hours dealing with me at zero cost. I am on disability and don’t have money. He was tough on me and I needed to hear what he had to say. Go start a new life out west. He performed an exorcism and proclaimed that he was gone (I am sure it was a demon or the devil himself).  I am profoundly grateful to this man who brought me to the light. I feel alive and able to face this battle within The Light (God on my Side!). Words cannot express my gratitude dear Sir (Steve kept saying call me Steve). I feel he deserves the respectful title of Sir. Thanks for saving my little life from the demon (evil) of Crack Cocaine. Steve is most certainly with God and one of His most helpful trusted servants. God Bless Steven and all of you too. I urge you to make a call to Steven, I got my soul back and have had deliverance from drug cravings. Extraordinary!!!!!! Love You Steven, Sign Me,
– Kelly in the Light with Steven, North Carolina

Steven, Thank you so very very much for your true insight on what I was dealing with in my life. I was uncertain about you at the beginning but now I know you really are the real deal. I truly appreciate your patience and time you gave when advising me on a certain thing in my life. You are truly a dear and kind person that has opened my eyes to things I didn’t what to see. But thank you again. May God continue to Bless You and Keep You in his light.
– S. Smith, Florida

Today is a new dawn and new life for me.  I truly felt I had no one to talk to who was intelligent and kind enough to help me through a confusing, heart breaking and life changing choice.  I was in such a fog about what others were doing to me in my life.  I needed help fast.  I work 7 days a week but I called Steve and he called me back quickly.  Steve was patient with me.  Even though I had never used a charge card on the internet before, he helped me through it.  Steve was able to digest my confusing issues and help me step forward and make a plan that would help me move forward with an extremely difficult decision in my life.  Even though I only paid for an hour, Steve was so concerned and worried about me he would not hang up.  He stayed with me on the phone to make sure I understood the direction I needed to go.  Steve was 3,000 miles away from me but he seemed like he was next door.  I feel so clear and filled with faith and hope to move forward during this extremely challenging part of my life.  You are a strong individual and a true blessing! God bless you Steve!
– Miss M. Albuquerque, NM

My reading with Steve was outstanding! I highly recommend a reading with him if you want good truthful, honest answers as he will tell you what you need to hear and not just tell you what you want to hear. He is truly a gift from GOD!!! I will never forget Steve or my reading with him. It is because of him that I now have a better understanding of my life and what I need to do to be happy and live the life I was truly meant to live. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have spoken with him and to have him in my life. I know I have told you (Steve) thank you so many times but I do feel it is right to say it again, THANK YOU Steve!!!! For everyone out there who wants a reading, Steve is your person, don’t wait any longer, give him a call!!!!
– Jamie A.

Steven, your readings are odd. You never give me a lot of detail in a reading but you give me a lot of advice that tends to shift the energy of the situation very rapidly. It’s amazing. You usually ask me to do things that are very difficult but once I do them I end up in a whole new place very quickly. It’s like you know exactly what I need. And that is exactly what has happened again . . . Truth is, the longer this takes to wrap up the more I understand how I deserve to be treated and what I want from a relationship. Maybe that is what spirit is trying to tell me. My spirit says that this isn’t over just yet but I’m going ahead living my life. I guess it will resolve itself when it is time for it to do so. In the mean time I am healing and trying to move forward. I feel in my spirit that the trip will happen come August and if it does I will go there and love him with an open heart and then I will come back and live my life. My spirit will know exactly when it is time to go to which ever place it is supposed to be at. The waiting though is so hard and lonely at times. Thanks for loving me through it. I’m sure we’ll talk again. Love, Laila

My reading with Steven B was enlightening and a breath of fresh air, so much confusion in the home, restless and sleepless nights, Steven’s reading gave me great insight as to what is actually going on.   Healing and a Reading is what I got from Steven B.   I appreciate everything that you have done for me and my family, we still have some work to complete that will get done but what has been done so far is anything but amazing. If you want answers to life’s problems I suggest you contact Steven B.  Thank you Steven B.
– Janet

I have only spoken to Steven a few times but I would consider him a dear friend. I have mixed feelings about my reading.  He did not give me the information I wanted to hear but yet I know that it was the information I NEEDED to hear. 🙂  Steven is very compassionate and understanding and very direct.  After our last conversation it actually took me a few days to digest what he had told me. His council was very helpful and very spot on. He has given me very good advice for ways to move forward in my life.  I look forward to my next conversation with Steven and will continue to work with him as a life guide.
– A.C.

Steven was absolutely wonderful.  From the first time I spoke with him I could tell he was a sincere person.  His insight into things is phenomenal.  He went out of his way to explain things and spent much longer than the original time as he still had things to tell me. He is by far the most accurate reader I have encountered.

Wow, after so many psychics I tried to contact when I knew what was going on with me, and they blew me off, because I believe they couldn’t handle the situation with me pleading for help. Steven told me to call him I was on the phone with him from 9-11:30 at night; he confirmed my experiences I was having with me also knowing that I have a psychic ability that he is going to help me learn how to open it up more. I plan on keeping in contact with him often, as I know he is not fake, I also did a reading on him and made me feel comfort on my ability. What I know is going on with me is bad that I can’t even write the word here, he helped cleanse some of it out last night and told me how I can help myself until we can get the whole problem solved, as soon as all this is done I will be writing another testimonial on that, which I know will be an awesome outcome, thanks again and will be in contact.
– Virginia

Steve, thank you so much for your caring words and your compassionate way. You were there when I needed someone to show me the way. I was so happy to hear about my spirit guide. Can’t wait until my next reading. I would tell my friends about this very caring man and how he is helping my through … thanks again Steven B.
– Karlene

I was looking for someone to give me a clear understandable reading and when I found Steve B that is exactly what happened. He was very calm, warm, and easy to talk to. Steven was very much on point in his reading and very clear with his explanation of my situation and what was going on. He was patient with me and gave me clear examples of things that I needed to do in my life during difficult times. He was very in tune with me and what was going on in my life and gave me chances to talk some things out that were bothering me. I was very pleased with my reading and can’t wait to get another one! He is no ordinary ”psychic” he is an angel that is connected to a higher power and someone that wants to help people figure out their path. I would definitely recommend calling Steve for a reading and see how pleasantly surprised you are! This man is really on point and cares about his clients.
Thank you, – Kinda

Steven, Thank you so much for answering all my questions! I’d certainly consult him again. I recommend his services to all the people who are in need. He is truly blessed by lord, he exactly knows what you’re going through before you ask him. I was able to connect very well with him because of his compassion, honesty and his vast knowledge. Thanks again!
– P. Shah

“Thank you for the comforting words and inspiration! Steve is a very caring, compassionate, inspiring, truthful, and sensitive psychic who helped me through an emotionally difficult time. His words bring light and truth to wounded souls who are looking for answers and guidance. He is not only a great psychic but he is also a beautiful soul who shines his light on people! I was very touched by the reading and his spiritual guidance! It’s refreshing to find a psychic today who really cares about people and I would highly recommend him to others! I enjoyed my reading and was able to get the answers I was looking for! He is an honest and gentle psychic who really understands your problems and pain! He is a true and gifted psychic! Beautiful, inspiring, and deeply touching!”
Janelle S., Allentown, PA

Steven B, I will be honest in telling you I was testing you when I gave you the ring. I didn’t give you any information about the ring because I wanted to see what you would come up with. I must tell you I was blown away by the comments you made. You told me the ring was my husband’s but then you went on to answer questions I had in my mind that I wished I could ask him. When my husband passed away he left a large pile of lumber at our house, as he was a carpenter. I had no idea what to do with all that lumber so I had been thinking about that for some time. You immediately connected with my husband’s spirit through his ring and his spirit told me through you that he wanted me to save the lumber and build myself a new house with it. I am so glad that I gave you my husband’s ring! Since the time I spent with you I have felt my husband’s presence all around me and I have never felt so comforted. Now that I know what he wants me to do I feel so much better!
– Linda

Steven, if you remember, you were in the car with me when I received a call from my property manager that I had a water main leak at one of my properties. I was frantic as my tenants were without water. After I got off the phone, you told me that the break was about 7 feet from the pump house. I certainly didn’t believe you as how would you have any idea where the water was leaking from. However, less than 15 minutes later my park manager called me back and told me the water main was broken between 6 – 8 feet from the main pump house. I was astounded to say the least! How could you know this information I asked myself!? I will never again doubt what you say as you certainly have higher powers speaking to you.
– Lynn

Steven, As you know I am also a psychic. I wanted to test your ability on psychometry and gave you a ring that I had in my possession. If you were a psychic truly fluent in psychometry, you would be able to pick up on the energy surrounding the ring and be able to give me the ring’s history. Immediately you began to glean information from the ring about my mother. You gave me the meaning behind my mother’s ring and described my mother with 100% accuracy. You were spot-on with your description. I have no doubt at all in your abilities.
– Vicky

Thanks Steven, Many blessings
– Doreen B 

Good call . . . I would give him a call back.
– TU Jackson

Very kind, compassionate and accurate. Thank you so much for your sweet words, your insight and your guidance. Rich blessings.
– Elle 62

I love his delivery. Great call and connected well with me. I highly recommend him. God bless you.
– D Newman 

Excellent call. Very in tune with my situation. Had the answers before I ask the question. Give him a call you will be glad you did. I will stay in touch with you going forward.
– Ms. Regina 

Thanks for your insight : looking forward to your prediction . . . .
– Lisa 

Steven, I wanted to write to you and let you know how impressed I was with the reading you gave me. I asked you about my daughter and you were able to give me specifics about her height and weight, her personality, what she would be good at in life, what she excels at and her likes and dislikes. I have never had a psychic be so accurate. I am a psychic myself and I was very impressed with your reading!
– Laurie
Thank you for your advice
– Darla J