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“I have worked with many psychics throughout my career and I must say Steven B is one of the top psychic specialists that I highly respect. A reading by him would be so helpful as he can carry you through many various issues in life. Once you have a session with Steven B you may feel much different and happier. My meeting with him brought me to a great feeling of peace and contentment.” – Bernice Golden, International Psychic Medium 

Don’t live a comfortable lie! Call me for truth and insight about your health, relationships, lifestyle and career.

I’m here to help you get the answers to the important questions!

Do you find yourself in torment over any of these questions?

The Hand of God

My unique sensitivity gives me a tremendous sense of caring and empathy and the soothing comfort I provide to my clients offers a one of a kind approach, unparalleled with what one might experience during a typical reading. After leaving a session with me, you will feel uplifted and ready to face life from a whole new perspective and empowered as to what lies ahead. You become aware of how to approach problems as I am here to guide you to the right path and help you find the answers. Through my intuitive abilities I can put your mind at peace, help you uncover the truth, bring forward deceptions, relieve self-doubts, and help you find what it is you are searching for.

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I am a PSYCHIC, a MEDIUM, a CLAIRVOYANT and an EMPATH. I am in tune with what is happening in your life, have the ability to remote view, see events in the future and have the ability to feel your emotions, thoughts and pain. I am so grateful that God has bestowed upon me miraculous energy which allows me to help and heal others.

I am a Messenger of Spirit. The messages I receive are not of my own creation but what is received from my spirit guides to be passed on to you. The information I receive also comes from clairvoyance, empathy, remote viewing and intuition. It is my responsibility to deliver these messages I receive exactly the way I receive them, regardless of whether they are painful or favorable. It is up to you to decide what to do with the information you receive.

Do you know what is limiting or blocking you to meet your goals, stopping you from reaching your highest potential or finding your true love? If you do not know, it is important to call upon Spirit.  As I am guided by Spirit, I can help you understand what is holding you back. Are you ready to turn your life around for the better?



“To my good friend, Steven B. I would like to first thank Steven for his time spent with me over the past few months. He has been an awesome friend and spiritual leader. He was always there to talk to and his honesty with me can’t be more cherished! Shortly after I spoke with Steven the first time, I felt a huge healing calmness. Steven picked up on my life’s problems with his abilities that no one else was able to do. Steven B is more than a psychic medium to me. He is a healer. He gives off a great deal of energy and the presence of love, peace and tranquility I felt for days after I saw him is not what I expected. He made me understand how things worked in my life and what had made me who I am today. Even professionals I had seen could not make me understand but he helped me understand the hardships that I had gone through. He helped me understand how and why these things had happened to me and explained how and why people had caused me harm and how I had caused harm to myself. He put my life in perspective. Thank you Steven as the road is now open in front of me. I feel truly blessed in your presence and I will always hold dear gratitude for you as you have helped save my life. I didn’t know any other way I could put this into words to describe my experience with Steven B other than he was the savior of my life and literally more than I could have prayed for to deliver me from the ruin that was my life. Over the years I have been praying to meet someone who could totally understand me. I had been so lost until I had met him. I am finally free. Thank you Steven for your guidance and prayers, he have been my salvation. I’m so glad to have met him!”
Sincerely, Maria 

“Dear Steve, I am writing you to thank you for the assistance you gave me after I lost the love of my life. Last August I lost my husband to a senseless traffic accident. We were just beginning the “us” part of our lives. The children were now all adults out on their own, leaving us the best time of our lives; the “US” time. Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. His breath no longer taken and his heart no longer beating. No more hugs, kisses or encouragement to be received from him. I cannot express in words what that did to my heart and mind as a human. To have the most important part of your life removed so quickly, so abruptly and so senselessly it is still beyond my comprehension. I was in such sadness and despair. I needed answers and something to help me understand what I was to do next. Where am I to go? How am I to live on? I called you and scheduled a time to talk with you to hopefully make a connection. What you did for me was beyond my expectations. Your ability to connect to those who have passed assisted me in becoming who I am today. You saved me from the dark and cold empty hole of despair and sadness. I thank you for the help you gave me and giving me the strength to become who I am today. I believe without your assistance I would be so depressed and withdrawn ….. who knows where I would be, if at all. Thank you Steve for your help in giving me my life and my energy.
Gratefully, Ann Elizabeth

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